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We are a team of experts that is serious about making our workspaces safer places. 

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Jared Pope


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Chief Legal Officer

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Chief People Officer

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Director Client Success

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Director Business Development

The recent #MeToo and #TimesUp movements brought to light just how big a problem we have when it comes to harassment and discrimination in our workplaces.


Yet, in the wake of these movements, fewer than one in five companies have made an effort to discuss appropriate conduct, hold training, or change its sexual harassment policy. Our bet is - it’s because most companies think they don’t have a problem. Guess what - one in five companies will face a harassment or discrimination claim each year. 


Inappropriate behavior and language is rampant in our workspaces. Our customary prevention and management of these types of incidents is clearly not working. From religious discrimination to sexual harassment, our employees are affected every single day. So are our companies. We don’t think that’s okay. So we set out to find a way to make it better, for everyone. 


While practicing law and running a practice focused on human resources, ERISA, benefits and employment matters, we discovered a broken process of how harassment and discrimination incidents are reported and how they are managed. It wasn’t working for employees and it wasn’t working for companies. 


We figured out that by creating an impartial third-party to manage incidents from start to finish, we can protect both companies and their employees at the same time. 


We remove your company from the intake and investigation of harassment and discrimination incidents. We remove the fear of reporting for your employees. 


Fewer incidents happen. Your culture improves. Your company is legally protected. 


Yes, it seems pretty simple. But there’s nothing simple about how we do business. 


We partner with a top-notch group of attorneys who expertly manage all Title VII incident investigations and recommendations without bias and with great care. Based in Dallas, Texas, our own management team is a dedicated group that has covered a lot of ground over the years. We are lawyers and mechanical engineers, software developers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Together, we provide insight and expertise to all aspects of Work Shield’s operations.