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Work Shield and the EHP Plan helps your employees report workplace harassment incidences so you can take action.  

Reduce Reporting Fears

With a third-party platform, Work Shield can reduce the stress of reporting, fear of retaliation, and reluctance to speak up.

Grow a Healthy Culture

With the EHP Plan and Work Shield, your company grows a healthier, more respectful culture.

Tackle the problems early

When employees feel secure reporting, you’re more likely to learn about issues early and prevent them from escalating.

Employees use Work Shield's Incident Report Form to report a reliable account of what happened.   Instead of HR or a manager handling the issue, Work Shield and its team gets a detailed report and can conduct follow-up interviews and provide an analysis and recommendation on how to handle the incident.  With Work Shield handling the communication, investigation, reporting, and recommendation, employees can feel secure knowing that you take workplace harassment seriously. It's not just words, but action.